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Expressar as ideais, registrar os pensamentos, sonhos, devaneios num pequeno e simplório blog desta escritora amadora que vos fala são as formas que encontrei para registrar a existência neste mundo.

Não cabe a mim julgar certo ou errado e sim, escrever o que sinto sobre o que me cerca.

A única coisa que não abro mão é do amor pelos seres humanos e incompreensão diante da capacidade de alguns serem cruéis com sua própria espécie.

Nana Pimentel

terça-feira, 23 de agosto de 2016

Simple Present - exercícios

1) Complete as frases abaixo com os verbo entre parênteses de acordo com as regras do Simple present.
a) I ___________ my homework every day. ( to work)
b) She ___________ in Mexico. ( to live)
c) You ______________ to the cinema. ( not/to go)
d) Millene ________ in Paris. ( not/ to live)
e) ________they __________ popcorn every night? ( to eat)
f) ________she ___________ to the gym every morning? ( to go)
g) I _________ him very much! ( not/to like)
h) Sheila ___________ a beautiful voice! ( to have)
i) Every morning, I ________ my coffee, ________ my bread and _____ away very fast. ( To drink/to eat/ to go)
j) Vera_____ him very well but Jhon _______. ( to know/ not /to know)
2) Complete as frases abaixo de acordo com as regras do present progressive:
a) Eddie___________ a Comic. ( to read )
b) It_________________. ( not/to rain)
c) We___________to music . ( to listen)
d) ______ Diogo _____________ with two girls? ( to dance )
e) The cat __________ in the basket. ( not/to sleep )
f) Lucca ________ a bike. ( not/ to ride)
g) _____Max _____________ ? ( to study)
h)_______We________________at the breakfast table when the doorbell______________? ( to sit – to ring)
i) He _______________ a lot of friendly people. ( to meet )
j) the sun ___________________ .( to shine)
3) Complete com: Have/has/can/can't

a) She ______ a beautiful horse!
b) They ______ sing very well!
c) I ______ a beautiful house!
d) She _______ a dog.
e) I ____ ride a horse.
f) We ____ fish.
g)I ____ a car.
h) He _____ a bike.
i) You _______ yellow cap.
j) Marry ____ play piano.
4) Relacione os opostos:

(a) Fast ( ) horrible
(b) Short ( ) Ugly
(c) Sweet ( ) Soft
(d) Shine ( ) Slow
(e) Thin ( ) Awful
(f) Awsome ( ) Tall
(g) Handsome ( ) Dark
(h) Hard ( ) Bitter
(i) Beautiful ( ) Clean
(j) Dirty ( ) Fat
5) Leia e escreva:
My routine
Every morning, I wake up at 7 o'clock, I eat my breakfast and I go to school by foot. The school starts at 8:30 and finishes at 3 o'clock. At midday I have lunch with my friends and in the afternoon I have sports, spanish and Informatic Technology classes every day. I go back home at 3:30 After that I have a snack and I talk to my friends on the internet. At 8 o'clock I have dinner with my family and later I read a book. After read I go bed. This is my routine, tell me your!

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